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Creator Feature

Bluey Green - Musician

Bluey Green

A tale of a sweet tune, retro ski footage and a famous Kiwi actor.

Tell us about your song Morning Sunshine.

I guess I wrote Morning Sunshine as a song of gratitude to the beauty and optimism that is found in the light of a new day, and that we find that same sense of hopefulness in the relationships we have with those we love.

I was super lucky to have Mark Perkins (Merk) on production for the song and it was a great time bunkering down in his little studio and finding the summery vibe we managed to get.

The themes of hope and new beginnings run through the song. I guess I hope that the listener finds some sort of connection to that and helps them find a sense of excitement and energy to embark on the journey of a new day!

Tell us about making the music video with the NZ archive footage.

I was on the hunt for some old 60's / 70's footage of Mount Maunganui when I first found NZ Archives YouTube channel, which is chock full of amazing NZ film from the last 100 years. I noticed this ski movie from 1977 that had the most amazing colours and cinematography that just worked so well with the song. The juxtaposition between the summery vibe of the song and the cold of the snow ended up working really well, so I set about getting permission to use the footage and whammo I had a music video! The fact that Sam Neill directed the original film was a cool little bonus that I found out a little down the line.

I saw Sam Neil reacted to your video on Twitter, how did that feel?

Amazing! I am such a big Sam Neill fan so it was pretty incredible that he was stoked on something that I had made. I was just hoping he might see the music video at some point but I definitely didn't expect he would like it so much and post it on his Instagram and Twitter. I think it had about 50,000 views on Instagram in about 24 hours from his post, so I was very lucky.

What New Zealand venue would you like to perform at?

I think if it ever reopened, most definitely the St James in Auckland. I have such amazing memories from performances there of a bunch of artists like Sigur Ros, The Magic Numbers, Underoath to name a few. It is a venue that just demands the audience's attention, in some ways it is almost like the performer is secondary to the awe and beauty of the venue and when the two work together it's dynamite.

What international venue would you like to perform at?

I remember going to a show at the Troubadour in LA and thinking it would be an amazing stage to perform on. I also think the Scala in London is fantastic, a bit like the Powerstation in Auckland.

Where do you go for creative inspiration or to relax in Tauranga?

Bluey Green

I have surfed all my life so the ocean is my go to whenever possible and from time to time we get some world class waves on our doorstep at Matakana Island, so I am always keen on the mission over there.

I also love getting out and about with my wife and kids to some of the awesome more undercover spots in the greater Tauranga area, Kaiate falls is a favourite!

What is the best food find in Tauranga?

I love a good burger and the underground king of the smash burger lives just around the corner from me. He goes by the name BBL and he does pop ups all around town but you need to be in the know to figure out where he will be next ...(I make it sound top secret but you just need to follow his Instagram)

Anything else we should know about Bluey Green?

I love a good $1 mix and I still haven't worked out if I like the American Office or the UK Office better (open to debate on this).

The plan is to release a couple more singles that I have waiting to greet the world and then an EP in maybe May/June. I am putting together a cool little band at the moment and will begin rehearsing for some shows around the middle of the year so watch this space.

How can people hear and watch Morning Sunshine?

Morning Sunshine is up on Spotify and all the usual platforms. Watch the YouTube video here.

How can we follow what you do?

My handle on Instagram and Facebook is @blueygreensings so hunt me down people! I look forward to it.

Morning Sunshine Artwork